TRIBE Dance For Life in support of Israel Relief image

TRIBE Dance For Life in support of Israel Relief


TRIBE Support for NATAL: Israel's Trauma & Resilience Center

October 7th changed the lives of so many, and continues to shape us in unexpected ways. But part of our resilience, comes from sharing light, love, and joy with each other. So let's do that!

Join us for "TRIBE Dance For Life: A Tribute to the Re'im Israel Festival." Spend the evening with good friends, and good food, for a good cause. We'll light up our beautiful courtyard and Dance for Life in honor of those who attended the Nova Festival in Re'im Israel.

TRIBE will donate the proceeds of the evening to the relief effort in Israel.

Treating Musical Festival Survivors

NATAL was appointed by The Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs and The Ministry of Health to coordinate the various initiatives and efforts treating victims who were at the three music festivals (most notably “NOVA Festival '') in Rei'm on October 7th. NATAL’s professionals have led seminars and lectures to prepare hundreds of municipal social workers for their work with Music Festival Survivors. Many of these social workers have experienced secondary trauma and re-traumatization and NATAL’s work strengthens their resilience, mitigating the onset of burnout and compassion fatigue.

NATAL’s Clinical Unit has recruited and trained over 170 new therapists since October 7th , essentially doubling the number of pre-war therapists. Only therapists with advanced degrees are accepted into the Clinical Unit and they are provided with specialized training in trauma. These additional mental health professionals have enabled NATAL to significantly expand its long-term treatment services across Israel. Therapy is offered both in clinics and onsite in temporary accommodations.